Key benefits of using our technology

Some of the main benefits of our technology are significant reduction of costs and time of reclamation of water and complete safety.
Currently used technologies are time consuming and expensive. Products and services offered by Clean Water guarantee costs reduction by approx. 50–60%, and in the case of phenols or aromatic hydrocarbons by up to 60–70% and much shorter time needed to achieve the objectives that have been set.
When securing a sufficient supply of semi-finished products, EMOT technology allows to respond in case of environment pollution within 24 hours.
Our technology is completely safe for humans and the environment at all stages of application, does not require any special precautions.
There are no hazardous or harmful substances used in our products, therefore no dangerous by-products are produced while using them.
The use of our products reduces the growth of pathogenic microorganisms e.g. e. coli bacteria.
Our products are 100% natural, have a neutral pH, and microorganisms they contain have GRAS status (Generally Recognized as Safe), which means that the process of remediation of water runs naturally and the products are completely safe for humans and the environment.
EMOT Technology (as the only in Europe) allows the commercial application of bioremediation in order to decompose aromatic hydrocarbons and phenols.
Due to the all aspects mentioned above, our company’s offer fills a market niche created by the tightening of environmental regulations. We offer cheap, fast, secure and fully ecological solutions in the field of rehabilitation of water reservoirs and cleaning industrial installations.