EMOT Technology

EMOT Technology

EMOT`s technology basic assumption is to use naturally-occurring bacterial strains. It uses the solutions that nature has developed during millions of years of evolution. Thousands of species of bacteria living in the environment surrounding us feed on the natural and man-made pollution, breaking it down into components harmless to the environment, process that we call biodegradation.

Our preparations consist of carefully selected bacterial strains occurring naturally (not genetically modified), that are safe for humans and animals (non-pathogenic).

The key to success is creating proper composition of bacteria, then creating the correct composition of nutrients and knowing how to proliferate and storage the bacteria in the form of a spore
After adding microorganisms to the medium, they are triggered to exit from dormancy and activate all life functions. One of these functions is the production of enzymes which are responsible for reduction of water`s surface tension thus breaking the hydrocarbon or carbohydrate chains. In effect substances such as fats and oil derivatives, which are normally insoluble can be dissolved in water. Then, bacteria feed on them, decomposing them into water and carbon dioxide (biodegradation).
Those are processes naturally occurring in nature. By selecting and amplifying the relevant strains and providing them with adequate compositions media, this process is only accelerated.

Areas of application

In cooperation with Cleanbacter Microbiological Technology Institute we have developed an innovative solutions that will improve the quality of water and increase effectiveness of remediation of water contaminated with petroleum, mineral and synthetic oils, greases, organic pollutants (including fats, sugars, starch), aromatic hydrocarbons and phenols. Our solutions can be used for purification of water in natural or artificial water reservoirs, subsoil waters, sewage systems (e.g. clarifiers, separators), production and industrial installations, closed-loop installations.

Restrictions in the use of EMOT technology

Clean Water`s Microbiological preparations need to be used in appropriate conditions for its maximum effectiveness: – Temperature range from 4 ° C to 48.8 ° C,
– PH environment of pH 4 to 11,
– Acceptable pressure to 34 atmospheres,
– They cannot be used together or interchangeably with chemicals. If chemicals were previously used, more microbial preparations must be added to water at the initial stage in order to help them adapt to the environment,
– Clean Water preparations are in liquid form, they require water and oxygen access in order to work properly.